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Leading optometric center - Eye Doctor Modesto

Welcome to our office! Our warm and trusted optometrists have been providing personalized optical and medical eye care services to the Central Valley for over 20 years. We cover a wide range of specialties to address the needs of any patient, from pediatrics to geriatrics and all inbetween.


Visit us at one of our convenient locations!

In our friendly clinic, we become familiar with each individual patient in order to customize eye exams and treatment options. Our family eye care services extend beyond just glasses and contact lenses. It includes vision therapy, myopia control, specialty contact lenses, and management of various eye diseases. We have three offices located in Modesto and Riverbank.

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We are closed for lunch between 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM.

Escalon Optometry doctors and staff have merged into Modesto and Riverbank Optometry Vision Centers. Please call (209) 521-1028 to schedule at Modesto Optometric Vision Center or (209) 869-3300 to schedule at Riverbank Optometric Vision Center.

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I want to thank you for going the EXTRA MILE to help me get my new glasses! I believe the person who helped me was DD (not sure). But she went the extra mile for me. I am so GRATEFUL!
7 months ago
- Toby F.
Kind and helpful staff, very thorough eye exams. There were some issues with the glasses I ordered, so they sent them back and had them fixed in just a few days.
7 months ago
- sam b.


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Q: My eyes are always burning and tired, what is causing this and what can I do about it?
A: Tired, burning, and irritated eyes are signs of dry eye syndrome, a very common condition. Eye dryness is often due to a decrease in the oil production in our eyelid glands, which causes the tears to evaporate too quickly. Certain medications and health issues can also contribute to dryness. While there is no true cure for dry eye, many treatments are available. Our eye doctors customize the treatments for each person and their specific condition. Look to our Dry Eye Page to learn more!

Q: Is there such a thing as too much screen time?
A: Yes, unfortunately while electronics make life better they can also cause a lot of stress on the eyes. For children it can result in focusing issues and an increase in near-sightedness (when people need glasses to see far away). Our Vision Therapy and Myopia Control page have more information on that. For adults, dryness and eye fatigue are the most common symptoms. At your appointment, you can learn about the options we have for increased screen time and discuss what works best for you.

Q: Why can’t I read or see things up close like I used to?
A: Most of the time, this is a natural process that occurs when you have enough birthdays. Changes in the lens inside the eye make it harder to focus on things up-close. This is why you will see many people wearing reading glasses, as the glasses magnify the size of whatever you need so it is more comfortable to see. Even if you have never had an eye exam, it is not too late to start. Learn more at your appointment and find out what options work best for you.

Q: Why look at my eyes regularly? I still see fine.
A: While most people don’t notice their vision changing from year to year, there are many different parts of the eye that are constantly changing. There are also many health conditions, such as diabetes, that can cause problems inside the eye that a person will not notice until it is too late. We rely on our eyes a lot: to drive, to look at our phones, to read this website. Make sure you are taking care of your eyes with yearly exams!

Our Modesto Eye Care Services

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If you have been told contact lenses are not for you, scleral lenses may be the answer. A great option for Keratoconus, post-corneal surgery, and severe dry eye.

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At Modesto Optometric Vision Center we excel at diagnosing and treating Dry Eye Syndrome.

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We can diagnose and treat yours or your family member's eye disorder - diabetic retinapothy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more.


How often should your child's eyes be examined? Children should have their eyes examined by a pediatric eye doctor at 6 months, and then yearly until the start of school.


Doctors recommends annual eye exams for all adults. Our Modesto and Riverbank optometrists will check for signs of eye disease or conditions that can affect your vision & overall health.


For emergency eye care, come immediately to our vision center. Our optometric team is ready to look after all of your eye care needs at our convenient Modesto and Riverbank offices.


We offer a wide selection of contact lenses including disposable soft contacts, bifocal/multifocal, toric, conventional lenses and colored lenses. Our selection of lenses fits your needs.

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designer eyeglasses

Modesto Optometric Vision Center has the designer labels you want, right here in Modesto and Riverbank, California . Ask us about blue light blocking lenses for screen time!

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