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Vision Therapy

boy-in-vision-therapy-modesto-caVision Therapy in Modesto, CA

Modesto Optometric Vision Center provides vision therapy for all ages. Dr. Tong customize a treatment plan for our patients to develop the necessary visual skills to optimize their performance in school, work, sports and life in general. 80% of what our children learn come through through the visual system.

How do you know you are having a vision problem?

Following are common signs that there is a vision issue:

Eye Tracking Problems
You often lose your place while reading, miss or skip small words, or words "swim" on the page. In addition, eye tracking occurs when you have trouble focusing, print is blurry, you often rub your eyes and prefer larger text or picture books.

Eye Teaming Problems
Eye teaming presents itself with double vision as well as fatigue or headaches after reading.

Visual Motor Integration
Trouble copying from the board or display sloppy handwriting.

Visual Information Processing
Difficulty spelling or copying material from the board, reverse letters or numbers, can't remember a word in the next sentence, often re-read text, or read slowly and with poor comprehension.

20/20 is NOT perfect vision.

The Snellen fractions, 20/20, 20/30, etc. are measurements of visual acuity or sharpness of sight. They relate to the ability to identify a letter of a particular size at a specified distance. However, these measurements do not provide information concerning the meaning derived from visual input, how much effort is needed to see clearly, whether the single visual function is efficient, or how long it can be sustained.boy-graduating-from-vision-therapy-Modesto-ca

Optometric Vision Therapy can help address eye tracking, eye teaming, visual-motor integration and visual information processing issues.
It is a progressive program of vision procedures implemented to improve communication between the eyes and the brain. Vision therapy is performed under a doctor's supervision
to address the individualized visual needs of each patient. It is conducted in-office, in weekly sessions of 45 minutes and supplemented with exercises done at home between office visits.

Depending on the case, the exercises are prescribed to help patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and abilities, as well as to improve visual comfort, ease, and efficiency.
Vision therapy can change how a patient processes or interprets visual information.

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